communities on a

global scale.

Born from a fighter’s resilience and inspired to provide

life-changing support and resources to those in need.

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The Manny Pacquiao Foundation was built from Manny’s commitment to giving back and fighting for those less fortunate. Our purpose is to give communities a fighting chance, empower those less fortunate, and inspire hope around the world.


We are deeply committed
to fighting for those
less fortunate.

Our global impact includes building homes for those in need, supporting highly vulnerable youth, and providing COVID-19 relief to areas still affected by the outbreak.

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on a global scale.

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Manny’s Corner is our monthly giving program. This is the BEST way to consistently change lives and make a difference.


Be an instrument of change around the world. Any amount will make a difference, because even small acts, when multiplied by millions, can change the world.

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